Morozoff's new brand "MOON"

Morozoff will open a new Western confectionery brand "MOON" on November 11th at the Morozoff section of the Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin store.

The new brand "MOON" is a brand specializing in "namagashi", a Western-style confectionery. A smooth and rich cream is sandwiched between moist and melty biscuits. It is a specialty store specializing in raw busses, with a gentle sweetness like the moon, which is perfect as a reward for yourself or as a souvenir. The lineup is as follows.

・ MOON Hakata Cheesecake Sand custard cream based on cream cheese from Kyushu. The balance of cheese and custard cream is exquisite. The price is 180 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

MOON Hakata cheesecake

・ MOON custard pudding
Sandwich the pudding-flavored cream filled in two layers. It has a rich taste with caramelized accents. 180 yen.

MOON custard pudding

・ MOON Chocolate A mascarpone-based cream from Hokkaido with Belgian chocolate added. Add brandy to the cream for a slightly mature taste with a mellow scent. The price is 180 yen.

MOON chocolate

・ MOON Montblanc (using Kumamoto Rihei chestnut)
Sand cream with Rihei chestnut paste from Kumamoto prefecture, which is called "King of chestnuts" and is characterized by its large size and strong sweetness. Seasonal. The price is 200 yen.

MOON Montblanc (using Kumamoto Rihei chestnut)

・ MOON sweet potato (using Kagoshima Anno potato)
Sand cream with plenty of Kagoshima prefecture Anno potato paste. I added honey-pickled dice cut of Anno potato to the cream. Seasonal. The price is 200 yen.

MOON sweet potato (using Kagoshima Anno potato)