"Dense POTATO Wild Carbonara Flavor" for a limited time

From the potato chips "Koima POTATO" brand, where you can enjoy Calbee's crisp taste, a new product "Dense POTATO Wild Carbonara Flavor" that reproduces the rich and rich carbonara taste will be released on November 9th. Will be done. Handling at convenience stores, etc. The sale period is scheduled for mid-December. The estimated price is around 160 yen (tax included).

"Dense POTATO" was developed based on the fact that convenience store users often purchase snacks along with alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks, and that the demand for home-drinking is increasing due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Series that was done. Convenience store limited potato chips mainly targeted at men in their 20s and 30s who want to enjoy a strong and strong taste.

The feature is that the intensity of the seasoning taste is raised to the "strongest level". By creating a new American comic-style character "Wild Mask" and adopting it in the package, it has a playful design that makes you want to pick it up.

The first product, "Dense POTATO Wild Carbonara Flavor," is a potato chip that reproduces the rich flavor of carbonara. Using cheese and bacon, which are popular among young men, and using black pepper, the taste is perfect for a snack of sake and is addictive.