Bell Amer "Noel Collection"

The "Noel Collection", which you can enjoy both by looking and eating, will be released on November 6th at "Belle Amer", a chocolate specialty store from Japan. Available at Bell Amer stores and official online shops nationwide.

・ Noel Tree Chocolat 5 pieces 2,160 yen (all tax included below)
Chocolat assortment where you can enjoy different flavors of tree type and ornament type. The tree-shaped chocolate is a smooth bitter chocolate with a whole caramelized almond, and cream with almond praline is layered. By adding olive oil or coconut oil to bitter chocolate, it melts in the mouth more smoothly.

Bell Amer "Noel Tree Chocolat 5"

The ornamental chocolate contains homemade caramel that is particular about the softness and richness of the texture. When you put it in your mouth, the smooth caramel melts. A handmade dish that takes time and effort with fine toppings that look like ornaments.

・ Noel Wreath Chocolat 4 pieces 1,620 yen
A gorgeous chocolate with a Christmas image. It has two layers, and you can enjoy the taste and texture of each layer, which is a layer with crispy corn flakes and a layer of smooth mousse and cream.

Bell Amer "Noel Reese Chocolat 4"

・ Noel Palais Chocolat 5 pieces 1,836 yen
Chocolate designed with Christmas motif reindeer, gifts, and holly. Accented with Christmas ingredients and spices such as mascarpone, pistachios and Earl Gray so that you can eat deliciously after dinner. A gorgeous box with a Christmas ornament design makes it a perfect gift.

Bell Amer "5 Noel Palais Chocolat"

・ Noel ornaments 432 yen each
Noel ornaments that can be purchased from one are also available at the store. The Christmas-only Palais Chocolat is included in an ornamental package, so you can enjoy it by decorating it on the tree. It is not available in the online shop.

・ Noel Chocolat 6 pieces 1,944 yen
A seasonal bonbon chocolate that makes the best use of ingredients and spices that match the Christmas scene. Six types of chocolate combined with spices, pralines, balsamic vinegar, and other ingredients. The texture is also enjoyed, such as a light mousse-style chocolate and a crispy chocolate with corn flakes.

Bell Amer "Noel Chocolat 6"

・ Noel Special Assortment 6,480 yen
4 kinds of baked goods ・ 6 Noel Chocolat ・ 5 Noel Palais Chocolat included.

Bell Amer "Noel Special Assortment"

・ Noel Gateau & Palais Chocolat 3,240 yen
3 kinds of baked goods ・ 5 pieces of Noel Palais Chocolat included.