2 Co-Profit Campaign Burger King

At each Burger King store, the "2 Kotoku" campaign will be held for 14 days from November 6th to November 19th.

2 profit campaign

The 2-co-profit campaign is a bulk-buying discount campaign where you can select your favorite 2 products from the 3 target products and purchase them for 500 yen (tax included). The target products this time are "Spicy Wapper R Jr." with a special spicy sauce, "Teriyaki Wapper R Jr." with a delicious teriyaki sauce, and the newly added rich tartar sauce and crispy fish patties. Is the 3 products of "Fish Burger" that goes well with each other.

If you want to enjoy Burger King's proud 100% beef patty on an open fire, choose Wapper R Jr., or if you want to enjoy both meat and fish, choose either Wapper R Jr. and "Fish Burger". You can also enjoy two of your favorite same burgers.

In addition, you can also set French fries (M) and drinks (M) for +300 yen (tax included). * Up to 1 set for each purchase of "2 coins" (500 yen)

The regular price is 390 yen for Spicy Wapper R Jr. and Teriyaki Wapper R Jr., and 340 yen for Fish Burger (tax included).

* Pick-up orders, self-order terminals, EPARK To go, and delivery are not eligible. * Customization is not accepted (allergies can be removed as before)
* Some stores do not handle this. * Morning sales are available after 10:30. * Sales time varies depending on the store.