"Sachertorte & Ice Cream" Thirty One Winter New Crepe

At some stores of Thirty One Ice Cream, "Sachertorte", which is also called the king of chocolate cake, has become a crepe "Sachertorte & Ice Cream". A new winter flavor with chocolate.

The selling price is 650 yen (tax included). A member of the "Ice Cream Crepe Premium" series, in which sweets such as ice cream and cake are wrapped together in a crepe. It can be purchased only at "crepe dealers" in Thirty One.

Bitter and milk, two types of chocolate cream and a moist brownie. Accented with sweet and sour apricot sauce, you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of chocolate.

"Sachertorte & Ice Cream" Thirty One Winter New Crepe

In addition, there will be a lineup where you can fully enjoy ice cream, including "Dark Matcha Tiramisu" and "Torori Chocolate on Chocolate Freak," which will continue to be sold from autumn. The November flavors of Ice Cream Crepe Premium are:

・ Sachtorte & Ice Cream ・ Toro-ri Chocolate on Chocolate Freak & Ice Cream ・ Dark Matcha Tiramisu & Ice Cream ・ Chocolate Banana & Ice Cream ・ Salt Caramel Crush Almond & Ice Cream ・ Deep Roasted Coffee Cookie Tiramisu & Ice Cream ・ Colorful Strawberry Banana & Ice Cream, Strawberry Baked Cheese Cake & Ice Cream, Rich Gateau Chocolat & Ice Cream

In addition, crepes with only sweets such as Sachertorte and ice cream are also available. You can check the list of Thirty One crepe dealers from the official website.