Lawson Store 100 New arrival bread in November

We have compiled a list of new breads that will be released in November at each Lawson Store 100 store. Here are 9 items in the lineup you are interested in!

■ Released on November 4th

"Two sesame-scented Camembert cheese breads" 108 yen (tax included, same below)

Lawson Store 100 "2 sesame-scented Camembert cheese breads"

Bread made by wrapping rich cheese cream using Camembert cheese in bread dough and topped with two-color sesame seeds. If you warm it lightly with a toaster, the sesame flavor will be even more pronounced. 2 pieces of easy-to-eat size.

"An whipped melon bread" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "An Whipped Melon Bread"

A melon bread with a moist texture, filled with red bean paste and whipped cream. You can enjoy the fusion of Japanese and Western styles.

"Hot sandwich ham cheese" 216 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Hot Sandwich Ham Cheese"

A sandwich with cheese, ham, boiled egg slices, and egg salad. By warming, the cheese melts and you can enjoy a rich taste.

■ Released on November 11th

"Ham, Mayo, Mayo" and "Tuna, Mayo, Mayo" 108 yen each

Lawson Store 100 "Ham Mayo Mayo" "Tuna Mayo Mayo"

"Ham Mayo Mayo" is steamed fluffy bread with ham and mayonnaise-flavored sauce. On the other hand, "Tuna Mayo Mayo" is steamed bread with tuna mayonnaise and mayonnaise-flavored sauce.

"Steamed diced apples and raisins" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Steamed diced apples and raisins"

Steamed bread topped with diced apples in syrup and raisins. The taste is a fusion of the slight sweetness of steamed bread and the sweetness of fruits. You can also enjoy the texture of the ingredients.

■ Released on November 25

"Fluffy fried dough (kinako sugar)" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Fluffy Fried Dough (Kinako Sugar)"

An image of the classic popular menu of school lunch, the nostalgic "kinako fried dough". It has a fluffy texture and is easy to eat.

"Twisted sandwich (sugar & margarine)" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Twist Sandwich (Sugar & Margarine)"

Twisted soft white bread and sandwiched with sugar-filled margarine with a jerky texture.

"Hot! DOOOOOG" 149 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Hot! DOOOOOG"

A hot dog with crispy and crunchy sausage sandwiched between crispy bread on the outside. With jalapeno sauce and mustard, it is finished with a spicy seasoning.