Lawson "Machino bread bean paste and butter French bread"
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Introducing the new arrival bread that will be on sale from September 29th at each Lawson store. Here are 8 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Matino bread peanuts !!
Thick peanut cream is sandwiched between fragrant bread with Canadian wheat and whole wheat flour. Accented with the grainy texture and saltiness of peanuts. The price is 150 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Machinopan Peanuts !!"

・ Matino bread Anko and butter French bread [br /] French bread made from carefully selected wheat flour, and anko and Toscana rock salted grass-fed butter made from Elimo red beans (butter made from cow milk raised on grass). , Grain feed etc. may be given to dairy cows depending on the season) Sandwiched. The salty taste of butter enhances the sweetness of the bean paste. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson "Machino bread bean paste and butter French bread"

・ Matino bread Semi-dried tomato & cheese 2 pieces [br /] 2 pieces side dish bread with basil flavor. Cheese cream is wrapped in a chewy bread and topped with semi-dried tomatoes and crushed cheese. The price is 165 yen.

Lawson "Machino bread semi-dried tomato & cheese 2 pieces"

・ Crown melon bread with whipped cream [br /] Melon bread with sweetened puree of crown melon blended into melon skin and bread dough to give it a fruity taste. There is whipped cream inside. The price is 135 yen.

Lawson "Crown Melonpan with Whipped Cream"

・ French cruller custard & whipped cream [br /] Sand whipped cream and custard cream on a moist and fluffy dough, topped with chocolate. The price is 125 yen.

Lawson "French Cruller Custard & Whip"

・ Egg roll [br /] Sandwich the egg filling, which is characterized by the rugged texture of egg whites, on a roll with a soft texture. The price is 120 yen.

Lawson "Egg Roll"

・ Croquette bread [br /] Sandwich the egg filling with beef-filled croquette sandwiched between rolls and sauce. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson "croquette bread"

・ Juicy ham sandwich [br /] A sandwich where you can enjoy juicy and soft pork ham. The texture of cucumber and mustard mayonnaise are accented. The price is 258 yen.

Lawson "Juicy Ham Sand"