"Sapporo Chuhai 99.99 [Four Nine] Clear Yuzu" Limited quantity

From Sapporo Breweries, "Sapporo Chuhai 99.99 [Four Nine] Clear Yuzu" will be released on November 10th. Limited quantity. The price is 141 yen for 350 ml and 191 yen for 500 ml (both excluding tax). Alcohol content is 9%.

This is a clear and clear taste using high-purity vodka with a purity of 99.99% (vodka with a purity of less than 0.01% other than ethanol is specified in Sapporo Breweries as a purity of 99.99%) and a smooth drink that you will not get tired of drinking. Authentic chu-hi featuring a mouth.

The popular yuzu taste is made into a unique "clear smooth manufacturing method" (a unique manufacturing method that suppresses the spiky flavor of alcohol and realizes a refreshing taste with a good aftertaste). The taste is not left, and the taste of the sharpened seasonal fruits is felt.