French toast made with "range de French toast style"

Maruwa Yushi, a long-established food manufacturer founded in 1918, sells "Range de French toast style" that allows you to make maple-flavored French toast in 20 seconds without using eggs. The price is 330 yen (tax included). It can also be purchased at the official online shop.

"Range de French toast style" is a product that you can enjoy French toast that is difficult to make well even in a busy morning. Simply apply it to bread and heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds to create a maple-flavored French toast.

Range de french toast style

Contains carefully selected maple syrup from Quebec, Canada. You can enjoy various variations from side dishes to sweets depending on the toppings, such as "French toast with caramel nuts and bananas" and "French toast with prosciutto and cream cheese". Perfect not only for breakfast but also for main staple food and snacks.

French toast made with "range de French toast style"

It can be made without using fire, so it is recommended to cook and enjoy it with your children. Also, since no eggs are used, even people with egg allergies can eat with confidence.