Cold Stone Creamery Halloween Limited Edition

At each Cold Stone Creamery store, Halloween-only products using pumpkin ice cream will be released on October 9th. There are 3 types in the lineup.

"Ghost Pumpkin Treat" is a limited-time "Pumpkin Ice Cream" mixed with many sweets such as Oreo cookies and M & M's. It has a crispy and fun texture. The fluffy "Obake Zabuton" topping made from "pumpkin chocolate" and cotton candy creates a fun Halloween (additional toppings are possible for all products including regular products). Obake Zabuton is handmade one by one at the store, so you can enjoy different facial expressions and shapes.

Cold Stone Creamery's "Ghost Pumpkin Treat"

"Autumn Sweet Tiramisu" is a combination of pumpkin ice cream, tiramisu, brownies, whipped cream, caramel sauce, pumpkin chocolate, and ghost zabuton. It is finished with a mature taste with tiramisu.

Cold Stone Creamery's "Autumn Sweet Tiramisu"

"Caramel Pumpkin Garden" is a combination of pear and pumpkin with ingredients that go well with each other. Pumpkin ice cream, pear dice cut, banana, whipped cream, caramel sauce, pumpkin chocolate, ghost zabuton are combined.

Cold Stone Creamery's "Caramel Pumpkin Garden"

The price is 619 yen each with plain waffle balls (excluding tax, the same applies below). If you change to a chocolate waffle ball, it costs 673 yen each, and if you change to a happy chocolate waffle ball, it costs 755 yen each.