Thirty One "Pumpkin Cat Sunday"

Halloween-designed "Sunday" and "Happy Doll" will be on sale from October 1st at each Thirty One Ice Cream store. The sale period is until October 31st. It will end as soon as it runs out.

■ Halloween Sunday
There are two types of Halloween-only sundaes, "Pumpkin Cat Sundae" and "Mokomoko Ghost Sundae". Prices start from 500 yen each for singles (tax included, same below).

・ Pumpkin Cat Sunday A classic Halloween, Sunday with a black cat as the main character. The magic of slime transforms a black cat into an orange pumpkin! The ghostly cat is made of plain cookies, and the yellow crescent and green slime are made of chocolate.

Thirty One "Pumpkin Cat Sunday"

The fluorescent green sauce looks exactly like slime itself, and the flavor is cotton candy. It is colorfully finished with color spray.

-Mokomoko ghost Sunday A strange purple ghost that is also muffled is reproduced with cookies. The letters "Trick or Treat ☆" and the purple slime with a glimpse of the face are made of chocolate. Topped with a bright purple slime sauce with a cotton candy flavor and a colorful color spray.

Thirty One "Mokomoko Ghost Sunday"

■ Halloween Happy Doll
The usual Happy Doll has fallen into the magic of slime !? There are 6 types of Halloween Design Happy Dolls for a limited time: "Dracula", "Kuroneko", "Mummy", "Rabbit", "Kuma", and "Panda". The price is 480 yen each.

-Pink heart-shaped eyes made of Dracula chocolate, and the fangs that are characteristic of Dracula are drawn with chocolate pen. The top hat is chocolate and designed with magical slime.

Thirty One "Halloween Happy Doll" Dracula

・ Kuroneko The black ears and eyes are chocolate, and the beard and Dracula's fangs, which are the charm points of the cat, are drawn with chocolate pen, and the Kuroneko transformed into Dracula is ready!

Thirty One "Halloween Happy Doll" Kuroneko

・ Whipped cream with plenty of mummy, big eyes and top hat are chocolate. The monster "Mummy" that appears in Halloween is designed by expressing a bandage wrapped around with whipped cream.

Thirty One "Halloween Happy Doll" Mummy

-Rabbits, bears, and pandas The usual friends are also transformed into suspicious fang Dracula by the magic of slime.

Thirty One "Halloween Happy Doll" Rabbit, Bear, Panda