Donk "Mini One" and ghost-shaped sweet bread "Halloween Ghost"
Halloween BOX

"Mini One Halloween-Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!-" Will be held under Donk's "Mini One" brand, which develops bakeries. It will be available from October 1st to 31st.

"Halloween Ghost", which is made by squeezing pumpkin pudding-flavored cream using Hokkaido pumpkin and baking it in the shape of a ghost, will be on sale.

Halloween Ghost appeared in 2019, but this time the pumpkin cream has been improved to a smooth pumpkin pudding flavor, making it even more gentle. It looks cute and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Mini One "Halloween Ghost"
Halloween ghost

The "Halloween BOX", which will be sold at the same time, is a limited quantity set that includes the popular Mini Croissants.

The "A set" contains 6 "mini croissants" and 6 "Halloween ghosts", and the "B set" contains 8 "mini croissants" and 8 "mini chocolate croissants". There are two types of outer boxes designed exclusively for Halloween, and you can enjoy which one you want at the time of purchase.

The selling price is as follows. Notation is tax included.

・ Halloween Ghost 303 yen (100g (3.53oz) / 4-5 pieces)
・ Halloween BOX 648 yen