Halloween limited "orange chocolate cake" for Pierre Marcolini
Halloween limited "Marcolini Orange Chocolate Cake" (* Image source is Pierre Marcolini official mail order site)

The Halloween-only "Marcolini Orange Chocolate Cake" was announced on the official online shopping site of the Belgian Royal Warrant chocolate brand "Pierre Marcolini". It will be available until October 31st.

The selling price is 1,836 yen (tax included) per bottle. The length is about 11 cm. Marcolini's classic chocolate cake with orange added. The gorgeous orange scent enhances the deliciousness of cacao.

You can enjoy a new taste by eating it as it is, or by combining it with fresh cream, ice cream, or confiture. Alcohol is used to add fragrance.

Available at all Pierre Marcolini stores and the official online shopping site. Please note that the quantity of each is limited and may be out of stock. You can use Noshi and message cards on the official online shopping site. You can put your name on Noshi. However, the original message cannot be used on the message card.