"Nagano Shine Muscat Parfait Ginza Cozy Corner

A seasonal parfait "Shine Muscat Parfait from Nagano Prefecture" is now available at 12 cafes and restaurants in the Ginza Cozy Corner. It will be on sale from October 5th.

Shine Muscat parfait from Nagano prefecture

A parfait that luxuriously uses the popular white grape variety "Shine Muscat". Shine Muscat is a seedless grape that can be eaten with its skin, and is characterized by its low acidity and astringency. Along with the crisp texture of the skin, the rich sweetness and noble scent spread throughout the mouth.

The juicy pulp is combined with vanilla ice cream, cream and homemade Shine Muscat granita. You can enjoy the exquisite combination of the richness of milk and the refreshing sweetness of granita.

The price is 1,400 yen (tax included). 1,710 yen with drinks. Scheduled to be sold until mid-November.

Ginza 1-chome main store, Beans Akabane store, Oji store, Shinkoiwa store, Ito Yokado Oimachi store, Mitaka Coral store, LIVIN Tanashi store, Nishitomo Kiyose store, Kawasaki Azeria store, Tsurumi east exit store, Ebina store, Kusaka store * Ginza 1-chome main store Only, plus 200 yen with drinks from other stores, plus 100 yen for single items