Fuji White Mikan Chuhai Element

Nakano BC, a sake brewing company in Wakayama Prefecture, will sell "Fujishiro Mikan Chuhai no Moto" using the prefecture's Unshu mandarin juice from October 2nd. Tailoring that you can enjoy both the fresh scent when peeling oranges and the juiciness when you put it in your mouth. It is available only in winter.

The selling price is 1,650 yen for a 600 ml bottle (tax included, the same applies below), and 4,400 yen for a 1,800 ml bottle. Alcohol 25 degrees. It is a 5-fold dilution type.

Fuji White Mikan Chuhai Element

As for citrus juice, only fruit juice produced in Wakayama prefecture is used, and no artificial sweetener is used. The characteristic is that the taste changes greatly depending on whether you drink it with ice or hot. Drinking with ice increases the feeling of fruit juice and the refreshing aftertaste, while drinking hot increases the mellowness and sweetness.

"Hot water split" is introduced as a recommended way to drink. The reason is that you can enjoy the taste that changes depending on the temperature range, which is different from the standard carbonation. Even if you add a desired amount of commercially available marmalade jam, it goes well with you and you can enjoy the fruitiness. You can also enjoy it like flavored tea by dividing it with hot tea. You can also enjoy the appearance by floating dried citrus fruits.

You can make about 15 cups with a 600 ml bottle and about 45 cups with a 1.8 L bottle. It is sold at liquor stores, mass retailers, and Nakano BC's direct sales site nationwide.