Jiichiro "Surprised Chocolat"

At each Jiichiro store, the baked confectionery "Surprising Chocolat", which is a chocolate rusk topped with nuts and cacao nibs, will be on sale on October 1st. Limited time until March 31, 2021.

Jiichiro develops chocolate rusks seasonally from October every year. "Surprised Chocolat", which appeared last year and is in its second year of sale, is a luxurious dish made by mixing hazelnut praline and salt with almond praline, cacao nibs, and pistachios. This year, a new set with Baumkuchen will be released.

Jiichiro "Surprised Chocolat"

The name "surprise chocolate" comes from the desire to eat and feel surprised. By not putting "rusk" in the product name, we want you to enjoy it in various ways such as chocolate confectionery and nut confectionery without being tied to rusks.

The price including tax is 486 yen for 3 pieces, 1,296 yen for 8 pieces, and 1,944 yen for 12 pieces. The "Jiichiro / Surprised Chocolat Set", which contains one Baumkuchen (height about 8 cm) and eight surprised chocolates, is 3,456 yen.

Jiichiro / Surprised Chocolat Set