Yakiniku set meal for "one person" at Gyu-Kaku

In the yakiniku chain "Gyu-Kaku", "Yakiniku set meal" will be on sale from September 3rd at some stores and on weekdays only. A menu for "one person" that includes meat, two snacks, rice, and an all-you-can-drink drink.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, eating out in groups is refrained from eating out, and the menu is made because the use by one person is increasing. There are three types available: "White MIX", which is mainly hormone-based and finished with a special salt sauce that goes well with sake, "Red MIX", where you can enjoy ribs and skirt steak, and "Red-white MIX", which contains both hormones and lean meat.

Includes 2 "mini snacks" to choose from, free refills of rice, and all-you-can-drink drinks. All-you-can-drink draft beer for an additional 300 yen. The replacement for all-you-can-drink is to exchange for an empty glass. The 60-minute system will be the last order for 45 minutes.

The menu contents and prices are as follows. All notations do not include tax.

■ White MIX 980 yen ・ Beef hormone ・ Addictive pork hormone ・ Harami with yagen ・ Petro

Yakiniku set meal for "one person" at Gyu-Kaku
White MIX

■ Red MIX 1,580 yen ・ Beef ribs Trocalbi ・ Harami ・ Thick-sliced ribs ・ Tejharami (pork)

Yakiniku set meal for "one person" at Gyu-Kaku

■ Red and white MIX 1,280 yen ・ Beef hormone ・ Beef roses Trocalbi ・ Petro ・ Tejiharami (pork)

Yakiniku set meal for "one person" at Gyu-Kaku
Red-white MIX

■ 2 mini snacks to choose from ・ Green soybeans ・ Kimchi ・ Nirakimchi ・ Spicy spicy sauce ・ Onion slices ・ Addictive salt cabbage ・ Potato salad ・ Tataki cucumber

■ All-you-can-drink drink
・ Highball ・ Lemon sour ・ Grapefruit sour ・ White peach sour ・ Giant peak sour ・ Yuzu sour ・ Black oolong high ・ Black oolong tea

It can be used at 158 stores in Gyu-Kaku, but the implementation time, implementation days, and usage conditions vary depending on the store.