Tsumu Mosugumi Seven

The first collaboration between Mos Burger and UHA Mikakuto. Gummy's new product "Tsumumos Gummy" will be released in advance at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide on August 8. Available at Mos Burger stores from August 20th. * Some stores do not handle both Seven-Eleven and Mos Burger.

Tsumu Mosugumi

The newly released Tsumu Moss Gummies are products that you can play by stacking buns, patties, tomatoes, and lettuce-type gummies. The buns are orange, the patties are cola, the tomatoes are strawberry, and the lettuce is muscat. You can enjoy making hamburgers with your own original combination.

Gummies have a colorful and cute finish. Two patterns of "Mos Burger" and "Extraordinary Tomato & Lettuce" are prepared for the package (the contents are the same). A product that you can enjoy playing with your family and friends.

Tsumu Mosugumi Seven

Product Summary

Product name: Tsumu Mos Gumi Price: Seven-Eleven 384 yen / Mos Burger 380 yen (tax not included)
Contents: 180g
Release Date: Seven-Eleven August 8th / Mos Burger August 20th