Shiseido Parlor "2020 Midsummer Parfait Fair" 2nd

The second "2020 Midsummer Parfait" will be held from August 1st to August 30th at Shiseido Parlor's Ginza Main Store Salon de Cafe. A total of 4 types of peaches, figs, mangoes, and strawberries are available.

・ Domestic golden peach and white peach parfait [br /] A parfait using domestic golden peach and white peach that has reached full maturity. You can enjoy the mariage of golden peaches, which have a thick texture and a mellow sweetness, and white peaches, which have a smooth texture and a rich sweetness. The price is 2,200 yen (tax included, same below).

Shiseido Parlor "Domestic Golden Peach and White Peach Parfait"

・ Fig parfait from Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture [br /] A parfait using figs grown in the warm climate and rich land of Wakayama. A compote made by boiling figs with bubble wrap, sauce, and red wine, which are characterized by their bubble wrap texture and gentle sweetness. It is finished in an elegant adult taste. The price is 2,300 yen.

Shiseido Parlor "Fig parfait from Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture"

・ Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture Parfait of Keets Mango [br /] A parfait using Keets Mango that has been carefully grown in the sun in the warm climate of Okinawa. Since it is difficult to distinguish the timing of ripeness, there are few producers and it is called a phantom mango. Since it takes a ripening period, it will be provided after mid-August. The price is 2,700 yen.

Shiseido Parlor "Parfait of Keets Mango from Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture"

・ Koihime's Strawberry Parfait from Ina City, Nagano Prefecture [br /] A parfait using the summer and autumn strawberry "Koihime" from Shinshuhata Kobo, which was harvested at the Shiseido Parlor exclusive house. In Ina Valley, located in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture, you can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of Koihime, who has been soaked in the blessings of clean water, air, and the sun. The price is 2,000 yen.

Shiseido Parlor "Koihime's Strawberry Parfait from Ina City, Nagano Prefecture"

"Koihime's Strawberry Parfait" is also available in a low-carbohydrate version. The decoration is kept as it is, and the sugar mass is suppressed to 10g by devising the tailoring of ice cream and sauce. The price is 2,000 yen.