Lawson "Potato Chips Spicy Spicy for Spicy Lovers" Limited quantity

At Lawson, Calbee's new "Potato Chips for You Who Like XX" series "Potato Chips Spicy Spicy" will be released on July 27th. The price is 198 yen (tax included).

The "Potato Chips for You Who Like XX" series is a Lawson limited product that thoroughly pursues the deliciousness of each material. The first product was released in August 2016, and we have released more than 10 flavors that will satisfy people who say "I like the taste!"

"Potato chips spicy taste for spicy lovers" is potato chips that are eaten with the attached spicy powder. As a flavor that suits the hot season, we pursued spiciness this time.

The attached spicy powder is a blend of three types: red pepper, green pepper, and habanero, in order to achieve a spiciness that is convincing for spicy lovers. By sprinkling powder on potato chips flavored with beef broth in the image of Korean food Jjigae pot, it is not only spicy but also delicious, and it is finished in a "taste for spicy lovers".