Origin lunch "Mega prime power 2000 lunch"
Calorie content exceeds 2,000 kcal!

From the take-out lunch chain "Origin Bento", a new menu "Mega Prime Power 2000 Bento" with a calorie content of over 2,000 kcal will be released. It will be available for a limited time from July 23rd to 26th.

The selling price of the Mega Prime Power 2000 lunch box is 1,080 yen (tax included). It is a bento box with various fried foods, meat dishes, and plenty of white rice. Origin has announced that it is the largest lunch box this summer.

The details of the menu packed in the lunch box are as follows.

・ "Tartar chicken nanban" x 1 ・ "Ginger grilled" x 1 meal ・ "Fried chicken" x 3 ・ "Cheese chicken cutlet" x 1 ・ "Rice" 300g

Origin lunch "Mega prime power 2000 lunch"
Overwhelming volume!

300g of rice is about 2 bowls. By the way, this menu is available not only for Origin Bento, but also for "Kitchen Origin", which is a business format for women. Let's challenge the Kenpo family!