Mary Chocolate "Mary Sweets Box"
Mary Sweets Box

From Mary Chocolate, "Mary Sweets Box" has appeared as "House Sweets" made with chocolate. It is handled at the direct sales site "Merry Online Shop".

As you spend more time at home, the assortment of sweets that you can easily buy online and receive free shipping is popular. The first version of Mary Chocolate was sold out soon after its release, so the second version was made this time.

"Cacao Full Sable" is a baked confectionery that makes the most of the bittersweet taste of cacao, including classic chocolates such as "Espride Mary", which is made with the best of Mary Chocolate technology, and "Fancy Chocolate", which has a small and unique taste. There are 6 types of 10 items for 10,314 yen (tax included), including "Mt. Fuji Miniature Ranch Chocolate", which is a cute Mt. Fuji-shaped baked confectionery entwined with chocolate, and "Strawberry Cacao", which is sweet and sour and fruity. I will. The outline is as follows.

・ Esprid Mary 20 pieces (1 point)
・ 40 pieces of fancy chocolate (1 point)
・ 25 pieces of fancy chocolate (2 points)
・ Mt. Fuji miniature crunch chocolate 16 pieces (2 points)
・ 18 pieces of cacao full sable (1 point)
・ Strawberry cacao 62g (2.19oz) (3 points)

You can enjoy the sweets that are usually used as gifts at home to your heart's content, which can be called "adult buying of chocolate". It is also possible to send it to a family member who lives away.