Merry online shop "Moomin Millefeuille"

"Moomin Millefeuille" is on sale as the third in the long-awaited series of Moomin fans only at the Merry Online Shop. The content is 21 pieces and the price is 3,780 yen (tax included).

Moomin Millefeuille

The Moomin package of Mary Chocolate's popular product "Mille-feuille" is now available. An original design can with Moomin and his playmate Snufkin, Little My, Snork's grandfather, and Sniff. Contains 21 millefeuilles, each with 3 types of cream (almond, strawberry, chocolate) sandwiched between them to enjoy a crispy texture.

Merry online shop "Moomin Millefeuille"

Moomin, Little My, and Snufkin designs are also drawn on the individual wrapping, which is very cute. Even if you divide it into small pieces and give them as gifts, you will be pleased.

A large can that fits in a B5 size notebook is convenient for storing letters and small items. If you put it in the room, you can use it as an interior accent. The size is 225 mm x 310 mm x 54 mm (including the outer box).

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