Fujiya "Milky Chocolate (Caramel Corn Flavor)"

Fujiya will release "Milky Chocolate (Caramel Corn Flavor)" on May 26th. The price is 216 yen with 51g (1.8oz) and 130 yen with 34g (1.2oz) (both including tax).

"Milky chocolate (caramel corn flavor)" is a collaboration with Tohato. The crispy corn puff is trapped in milky-flavored chocolate with caramel powder, and it is finished in caramel corn flavor.

The package is a pop and cute design in which the bright red characters "Caramel Corn-kun" and "Peko-chan" co-star.

In addition, Tohato will release "Caramel Corn Milky Flavor" and "Harvest Milky Sand" on May 25th. "Caramel corn milky taste" is a soft and crispy caramel corn sprinkled with honey added with condensed milk used for milky, and finished in a milky taste that spreads the mellow milk flavor.

Fujiya "Caramel Corn Milky Flavor" and "Harvest Milky Sand"

"Harvest Milky Sand" is made by kneading the condensed milk used for milky into the dough and sanding a fragrantly baked harvested cream with a mellow milk flavor.