Village Vanguard Online "Hamukoron" Series

On May 8th, at Village Vanguard Online, "Hamukoron Hyokkori Hammag (BR / GY)" and "Hamukoron Escape Spoon (BR)" are packed with the cuteness of hamsters in animal kitchen miscellaneous goods that add healing to the table. It is sold from.

Ham-chan who is sick of cheese and Ham-chan who tries to escape. The more you arrange, the more cute and fun it will be, and the more lively the table will be. The lineup is as follows.

Village Vanguard Online "Hamukoron" Series

・ Hamukoron Hyokkori Ham Mug BR 1,408 yen (tax included, same below)
Brown ham is a dark orange cheese-shaped mug.

・ Hamukoron Hyokkori Ham Mug GY 1,408 yen
Gray ham is a yellow cheese type mug.

When you go around the mug, you can see the cute buttocks crazy about cheese. The size (common to BR and GY) is approximately 120 x 90 x h75 mm. Ceramic. * Microwave can be used

・ Hamukoron Escape Spoon BR 638 yen
Ham-chan tries to climb and escape. The size is about 32 x 25 x h100 mm. Ceramic.

* Some items may be out of stock.