KALDI "Original Ceramic Shot Glass Present"

KALDI Coffee Farm will hold a "Original Ceramic Shot Glass Present" promotion. Purchasers of "Limoncello Il Beneduce (liqueur) 375ml (12.68us fl oz)" are eligible.

Original Ceramic Shot Glass Present

Original ceramic shot glass will be given away with the purchase of a bottle of Limoncello Il Beneduce (liqueur) 375ml (12.68us fl oz). Limited quantities, will end as soon as they are gone.

KALDI "Original Ceramic Shot Glass Present"

The original ceramic shot glass is a bright blood orange color. Size is approx. 5 cm (diameter) x 6 cm (height); capacity when full is approx. 55 ml.

Limoncello Il Beneduce is a sweet liqueur made from the zest of aromatic lemons from Campania in southern Italy. It has an alcohol content of 30%. The price is 1,207 yen (tax included).

KALDI "Limoncello Il Beneduce (liqueur) 375ml

It is the Italian way to drink Limoncello and a shot glass well chilled, straight after a meal. It can also be mixed with sparkling water or sparkling wine, or poured over ice cream.