MUJI Used-up tableware and cutlery

MUJI Dishes and Cutlery

MUJI will introduce five types of eco-friendly tableware and three types of cutlery, made from bagasse, the residue of sugarcane, and bamboo. They are made from bagasse, the squeezed lees of sugarcane, and bamboo wood, and will be available in stores and at the official online store starting April 5, 2023. All are priced at 99 yen (tax included).

MUJI Bagasse pulp
Utilizing "bagasse," squeezed lees of sugarcane

Paper Tableware

The five types of tableware are made of paper, using "bagasse pulp" (squeezed lees of sugarcane) and bamboo pulp.

Bagasse, which is generated in large quantities after the sugar juice necessary for sugar production is extracted from sugarcane, has been disposed of as waste in the past, but this time it is utilized. The bagasse is molded and strengthened by the addition of bamboo pulp. The product is described as being firm, easy to hold, three-dimensional, and functional. Two sizes of plates, bowls, food packs, and cups are available.

MUJI Used-up tableware
paper tableware



Three types of cutlery are made of bamboo. The fast-growing bamboo is used, and the knots and other parts are also utilized so that the resources can be used up without wasting them. Bamboo is fibrous, flexible, and hard to break. Spoons, forks, and disposable chopsticks are provided.

MUJI Bamboo Cutlery
Bamboo spoon and fork

MUJI Bamboo Cutlery
Disposable chopsticks made of bamboo

The number of each set of tableware and cutlery is as follows

Bamboo spoon: 10pcs.
Bamboo fork: 10pcs.
Bamboo disposable chopsticks: 20pcs.
Bagasse and bamboo pulp plate small: 10pcs.
Bagasse and bamboo pulp plate large: 8pcs.
Bagasse and bamboo pulp bowl: 10pcs.
Bagasse and bamboo pulp food pack: 5pcs.
Bagasse and bamboo pulp cup: 8pcs.