Kyodo Milk Industry Bar Ice "Home Lumber Change Ball Flavor"

From the "Home Lumber" series of Kyodo Milk Industry, the bar ice "Home Lumber Change Ball Flavor" whose taste changes on the way will be released at convenience stores nationwide on May 18th. Released on June 1st at supermarkets nationwide. The estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

Meito's "Home Lumber" is a long-selling ice cream that will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year (2020). The secret of its popularity is the prize that reflects the social situation. In the past, prizes such as sky-flying disk UFOs and speed guns have gained popularity, and recently drones and LINE smart speakers have also appeared as prizes.

The newly released "Home Lumber Change Ball Flavor" is a product filled with unexpected surprises and fun that the taste changes while you are eating, thinking that it is a vanilla flavor. The answer to the changing taste is written on the stick, and you can enjoy the excitement that you do not know until you finish eating.

If you get a "change ball QUO card hit" on the stick, a special campaign will be held in which you will receive an original QUO card worth 2,000 yen.