Lawson Store 100 solid pudding

The new sweets product "ITALIANO pudding" will be released on May 13th at each of the 100 Lawson stores (excluding some stores). The price is 108 yen (tax included).

100 yen Lawson's hardened pudding

Lawson Store 100 solid pudding

The much-talked-about "hardened pudding" is now available at Lawson Store 100. Cream cheese is used in addition to eggs and milk, and you can enjoy a rich taste and a firm texture. The bittersweet caramel accentuates the creamy taste.

The size is small so that you will not get bored even if it is rich. The calories are also modestly finished at about 180 kcal. Above all, the low price of 108 yen (tax included) is attractive.

What is hardened pudding?

"Hardened pudding" is a popular dessert that is offered by naming such as custard pudding in a traditional coffee shop and "Milan-style pudding" in an Italian restaurant. It is characterized by its firmness and rich taste. It is attracting attention that it will be the next boom of "tapioca" that caused a big boom, and recently it is also sold at convenience stores.