Meito "Home Lumber Silver Paper Assortment 60th Anniversary Package"

From the "Home Lumber" series, which is loved by children and adults of all ages, the "Home Lumber Silver Paper Assortment (Vanilla / Chocolate Chip Chocolate) 60th Anniversary Package" is on sale to commemorate the 60th anniversary of 2020. I will. The price is 70 yen each (excluding tax).

Meito's "Home Lumber" was born as Japan's first ice cream bar and is a long-selling ice cream that celebrates its 60th anniversary.

The "Home Lumber Silver Paper Assortment 60th Anniversary Package" is a new version of the silver paper package that has been loved for a long time, and is now available in gold and vermilion festive colors to commemorate the 60th anniversary. Crackers and 60th anniversary logo are also printed on the exterior film. The commemorative package is even more gorgeously decorated.

In addition, the "hit" that is the identity of the home lumber is of course attached to this product, and if you exchange the hit bar at the store where you purchased it, you will receive another home lumber as a gift.

The nostalgic silver paper package is now available as a celebration! How about celebrating the 60th anniversary of Home Lumber?