Sukiya onion salmon bowl

A new seafood menu product, "Onion Salmon Bowl," will be released on May 13 at each Gyudon chain store "Sukiya" (excluding some stores).

Sukiya onion salmon bowl

Sukiya's seafood menu now includes the first salmon-based product in history. Thick slices of salmon with fat are combined with sliced onions with a crispy texture.

The seasoning is "Wasabi Mayo Sauce", which is a mild mayonnaise with a spicy wasabi spiciness. If you like, you can add wasabi soy sauce or shichimi to add an accent to the taste, and you can enjoy the two-step taste change.

Onion salmon bowl

The prices are as follows (all including tax). To go is possible like other products.

Onion salmon bowl (normal) 680 yen Onion salmon bowl (rice large) 710 yen Onion salmon bowl (special) 950 yen