Sumikko Gurashi Plush Toy

At the home-delivery pizza "PIZZA-LA", a gift campaign will be held to win the "Sumikko Gurashi Nori Plush Toy Set". Limited time offer from April 27th to May 27th.

Campaign for Pizza-La official e-mail magazine members. A hand-held stuffed animal set of five popular Sumikko Gurashi characters (polar bears, penguins ?, pork cutlets, cats, and lizards) wearing Pizza-La's red apron and hat will be presented to 100 people by lottery.

Sumikko Gurashi Plush Toy

The application procedure is as follows.

1. Register as an official Pizza-La member and set the e-mail newsletter reception setting to "Receive"
2. Order a Pizza-La product and apply from the page on the e-mail newsletter with a payment amount of 1,000 yen (tax included) (enter the order code, usage amount, and phone number on the receipt).
* You need to register as a member of the Pizza-La official website and official e-mail newsletter to apply. * You can apply only from the e-mail newsletter you receive.

Scheduled delivery date of this project's e-mail newsletter
First time: April 27
Second time: May 5th
3rd time: Around mid-May * The e-mail newsletter may be delivered up to 1 week after the e-mail newsletter reception setting.