Pizza-La Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack

At the home delivery pizza "PIZZA-LA", the "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack" will be released, where you can purchase original goods of the popular character "Sumikko Gurashi". Limited quantity available at Pizza-La nationwide from November 5, 2020.

Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack

"Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack" for Pizza-La

A special limited pack that allows you to purchase original designed "plates" and "stickers" for an additional 200 yen (excluding tax) on your favorite pizza. On the original plates and stickers, the popular characters "Polar Bear", "Penguins?", "Tonkatsu", "Neko", and "Tokage" snuggle up to each other to eat around the pizza, and "Tapioka". ) ”And others are depicted as they spread the cheese on the pizza.

"Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack" for Pizza-La
Seal design

Implementation period: November 5, 2020-Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out Implementation store: All Pizza-La stores Contents: Sumikko Gurashi plate (made of ceramics) + original seal Price: Favorite pizza + 200 yen (excluding tax) * 1 pizza Sale of up to 1 set per set

Sumikko Gurashi

A character born in 2012 with the theme of "I like Sumikko", who wants to fill up from Sumikko's seats when he gets on the train and secure as many Sumikko's seats as possible even when he goes to a cafe. Not only goods but also books and games were widely deployed, and the content that impressed adults became a hot topic in "Movie Sumikko Gurashi Tobide no Ehon to Himitsu no Ko" released last year.