Domino's Pizza "Domino picks up your ticket" campaign

At Domino's Pizza, a delivery pizza chain, we have started "Double Toppings", which allows you to double the amount of toppings for your favorite pizza for an additional 299 yen. Following this, there will also be a "Domino will pick up your ticket" campaign where you can exchange canceled tickets for sports, music events, travel, movies, etc. for free coupons for "Double Toppings". I have.

The "Domino will pick up your ticket" campaign is a campaign where you can get a coupon equivalent to "double toppings" of M size by entering the information of "cancelled ticket" on the special web page. In exchange for the disappointment, we want you to enjoy the "delicious" satisfying pizza of "Double Topping", which you can only eat now, and spend a fulfilling time at home.

The implementation period is until April 29th. Enter the information of "Cancelled Ticket" on the special campaign page to get a free coupon. When ordering from the official Domino's Pizza website, you can use the issued coupon number to get "double serving (equivalent to M size)" for free.

Let's heal the disappointing feelings of your favorite artist's live performance, stage, and event with delicious pizza! If you have a canceled ticket at home, why not enjoy pizza?