Just pour milk! Refreshing "Cold" Cup Soup "Slowly Kotokoto Kongari Bread Cold Corn Potage Cup"
Easy to cool corn potage

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage will sell a cup-filled soup, "Slowly Kotokoto Kongari Bread Cold Corn Potage Cup," which can be made simply by pouring cold milk. It will be available from April 20th.

The estimated price is 160 yen (excluding tax), and the energy is 109 kcal per meal. Recently, cold soup has become more popular as a meal on hot days, and even in the "Slowly Kotokoto" series, there are boxes and cans, but this time, a handy cup of cold Western-style soup has appeared.

A corn potage that can be made by simply pouring cold water as well as cold milk. Bread with 50% or more whole grain flour is used as a topping, and the soup has less stickiness compared to warm soup so that it can be eaten refreshingly, and instead the amount of cream is adjusted to maintain the richness of the mouth. I am.

It is rich but easy to drink even in the summer, and is suitable for people who "want to eat nutritious food" and "want to fill their stomachs" when their appetite is low.