Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz"

Now that the long-selling Nagasaki confectionery "Cruz" of Obama Foods continues to refrain from going out and school closures, "House time" can be enjoyed as much as possible. It is sold for 3,000 yen including tax free of charge. Can be purchased from the online shop.

Nagasaki's famous confectionery "Cruz" was born in 1964 when the Tokyo Olympics were held. A long-selling product of Obama Foods, which has been loved by the people of Nagasaki for more than half a century. The original dough is carved with a crispy cross, and the special chocolate is sandwiched. I actually ate it even if I ate it in the past.

The regular price is 4,490 yen (in the case of the Kanto region), but for a limited time, it will be 3,000 yen with free shipping nationwide. There are three flavors: white, coffee, and strawberry. The content cannot be specified because it is "Random Assortment".

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

In addition, if you order 50 pieces of Cruz, we will carry out a free shipping campaign for all room temperature products. We also accept Noshi for free depending on the purpose.

A chance to enjoy Nagasaki's famous confectionery "Cruz" at a great price. It seems that delicious sweets will enrich your time at home.