Ministop "Soft serve new vanilla"
6th generation soft serve vanilla on Ministop

Ministop's popular menu "Soft serve vanilla" has been renewed for the first time in 6 years, and the new name will be "Soft serve new vanilla". It will be available at each store in Japan from April 10th. Renewal has already begun at some stores.

The selling price is 235 yen (tax included, when you take it home). The calories are 192 kcal with corn and 161 kcal with cup. Soft serve vanilla, which has been on sale for 40 years since the founding of MINISTOP in 1980, is one of the most popular items on the menu, and has been renewed four times so far, but this is the fifth time.

The 5th generation soft serve vanilla released in 2014 was characterized by "rich" and "vanilla feeling" using domestic egg yolk and Madagascar vanilla, but the 6th generation emphasized the recent trend of "milk feeling" and "ranch". The concept is "soft serve ice cream with a strong milky taste."

Therefore, Hokkaido raw milk is 102% compared to the 5th generation, and fresh cream is 200% compared to the 5th generation, which is used luxuriously. In addition, condensed milk is used as a secret ingredient to bring out the original taste of rich milk that is not too refreshing. In consideration of food allergies, the 6th generation vanilla has been devised so that more people can enjoy it, such as not using eggs.

Ministop "Soft serve new vanilla"
Both soft serve ice cream and corn have been renewed!

The corn has also been renewed to match the taste of the 6th generation vanilla. The type and composition of wheat germ has been changed to achieve a crispy and light texture, butter is also added to add a butter-rich aroma that goes well with milk.