KALDI "Mild KALDI & Square Canister Can Set"

"Mild KALDI & Square Canister Can Set" will be released on April 16th at each KALDI Coffee Farm store. Limited quantity, price is 1,390 yen (tax included).

The "Square Canister Can", which was popular last year (2019), is back again. This set is recommended for people who are always drinking "Mild KALDI" or who are about to start drinking.

KALDI "Mild KALDI & Square Canister Can Set"
Square canister can

Mild KALDI is KALDI's most popular blend. A coffee with a soft mouthfeel and lasting sweetness. Contains 200g (7.05oz) per bag.

The included "Creamy Sugar Powder" is an original powder that is a blend of milk and sugar, born from over-the-counter coffee service. It melts quickly whether it's hot or iced, and you can easily enjoy delicious coffee. Contains 600g (21.16oz) per bag.

And the refreshing square canister can based on blue is a limited size can that fits the creamy sugar powder together with the bag. The silicone rubber packing closes the lid tightly and protects the powder from moisture. The approximate size is width 11.5 x depth 8.5 x height 15.5 cm.

KALDI "Mild KALDI & Square Canister Can Set"
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