Suntory Chu-Hi "Horoyo [Chilled Pine]"

From the Suntory Chu-Hi "Horoyoi" series, the popular flavor "Horoyoi [Chilled Pine]" will be released this year as well, and will be on sale for a limited time from June 2nd. It comes in a 350ml (11.83us fl oz) can, and the estimated price is 141 yen (excluding tax).

Alcohol content 3% liquor. It is finished with a refreshing acidity of pineapple and a gentle sweetness. The package depicts fireworks launched in the summer night sky and pineapples on skewers, creating the mood of a summer festival.

In addition, although it was released in October of last year (2019), sales of " Horoyoi [Hapicle Sour] " and " Horoyoi [Mixed Fruit] ", which had been temporarily suspended due to their popularity, have also resumed. If you haven't taken it yet, you may want to enjoy these and look forward to the "Chilled Pineapple" that will appear in early summer. Also, on April 21st, the nostalgic taste of " Horoyoi [Cream Soda Sour] " will be released, so please try your favorite taste.