Suntory "Horoyoi [Cream Soda Sour]"

From Suntory's canned alcoholic beverage "Horoyoi" brand, a new flavor with a nostalgic taste "Horoyoi [Cream Soda Sour]" will be released for a limited time from April 21st.

A sweet and refreshing taste reminiscent of "cream soda", finished by adding cream flavor to melon sour. The background is reminiscent of stained glass, with illustrations inspired by cream soda offered at coffee shops and rising bubbles, making it a package that expresses the characteristics of the contents.

Contains 350 ml, and the estimated price is 141 yen (excluding tax). Alcohol content is 3%.

Speaking of "Horoyoi", " Hapicle Sour " and "Mixed Fruit " released in October of last year (2019) were well received, and sales were temporarily suspended. There were a lot of voices on the internet saying, "I want to drink, but I can't buy it because it's sold out ...", but the hapicle sour is scheduled to be on sale from February 25th and the mixed fruit is scheduled to be on sale from March 24th. Don't let the new cream soda sour say "I can't buy it because it's oversold!"

Suntory Horoyo "Hapicle Sour" and "Mixed Fruit"