FamilyMart "Cheese in Famichiki"

Cheese Famichiki

FamilyMart will release a new product "Cheese Infamichiki" on March 17th. The price is 184 yen (excluding tax). Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out.

"Cheese in Famichiki" is a new item in the popular No. 1 hot snack "Famichiki" series. For the first time in the history of Famichiki, the juicy meat that is characteristic of Famichiki is carefully sandwiched between the meat and the skin to create a special Famichiki.

For the cheese inside, we use "cheddar cheese" that goes well with Famichiki for an addictive taste. It is a dish that gives you a feeling of luxury. Uses cheese food.

Also, during March, as "Famichiki Great Thanksgiving Day", all Famichiki products will be available until March 23rd. If you buy Famichiki with 20 yen discount and FamiPay payment, you will get an additional FamiPay bonus of 40 yen.

You can try and compare the regular "Famichiki" and "Cheese in Famichiki" during the advantageous period. If you see it, please try the new one!