"Famichiki (cheese dak-galbi flavor)" for FamilyMart
Famichiki (cheese dak-galbi flavor)

"Famichiki (Cheese Dak-galbi flavor)", which is based on the image of "Cheese Dak-galbi" popular at FamilyMart, will be available in limited quantities from July 28th. The selling price is 230 yen (tax included).

Famichiki will enter its 15th year in October 2020. Examples of limited flavor Famichiki that have appeared so far are as follows.

・ February 2020 Famichiki (Mala flavor)
・ March 2020 Famichiki Kaki no Tane (Ume taste) ・ Cheese in Famichiki ・ April 2020 Big Famichiki ・ May 2020 Famichiki Kaki no Tane (soy sauce flavor)
・ June 2020 Big Famichiki Famichiki (Karamucho flavor), Famichiki (garlic flavor)

Among these, "Cheese in Famichiki", which is made by adding cheese to Famichiki, was popular, and this time, a new flavor with sweet and spicy flavor will be introduced.

Sliced cheese is carefully sandwiched between the chicken and the batter, which tastes like Dak-galbi sauce. The rich sauce has gochujang with miso added as a secret ingredient, and is characterized by a luxurious taste that combines sweet and spicy seasoning with thick cheese. It is launched as "Cheese Dak-galbi that can be eaten with one hand". It is available at approximately 16,600 FamilyMart stores nationwide.