Kourakuen "Chinese noodles 10 yen" campaign
Source: Kourakuen Official Website

At each ramen chain Kourakuen store, a "Chinese soba 10 yen" campaign called "Kourakuen Revival Memorial! Customer Thanksgiving" will be held on November 29th and December 6th only.

This means that the first 100 people (a total of about 50,000 people) will be served "Chinese noodles", which is usually 440 yen, for 10 yen at all stores. All customers who visit the store after 101 people will receive a "Chinese noodles free ticket" (available from the next visit).

Kourakuen's factory was severely damaged by Typhoon No. 19 that occurred in October of this year (2019), and it was forced to temporarily close or reduce its business. Currently, with the efforts of employees and the support of customers, he is on the path to "revival" step by step. This time, the "Chinese soba 10 yen" project will be developed with gratitude to the customers and business partners who support us.