KALDI "Noel & Canister Can Set"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

"Noel & Canister Can Set" will be released on November 25th at each KALDI Coffee Farm store (excluding some stores). The price is 1,100 yen (tax included). Limited quantity.

A set of Christmas seasonal original coffee beans "Noel" and a canister can with a limited design.

・ Original canister can Christmas limited item. This year's design is finished in a winter-like star shape with an ornament motif in a gentle dark green.

・ Original coffee beans Noel (200g (7.05oz))
Coffee beans that go well with sweets and can be combined with milk or sugar to enjoy a sweet scent like chocolate or nuts and a bitter taste. A set of "ground" and a set of "beans" are available.

KALDI "Noel & Canister Can Set" that seems to make you feel like Christmas. It will end as soon as it runs out, so if you are interested, get it as soon as possible!

* Up to 5 per person at the actual store. There may be a limit on the number of items in the online shop