Gong Cha winter menu
"Cinnamon Apple Tea Ade" and "Salt Caramel Milk Tea" are now available

"Cinnamon Apple Tea Ade" and "Salt Caramel Milk Tea" will be on sale from November 20th as winter limited menus at Gong Cha. "LINKS MARCHE Eat & Walk store" and "LINKS UMEDA store" will be available from the 16th.

"Cinnamon Apple Tea Ade" is a menu inspired by hot wine to enjoy during the holiday season. Black tea, which is popular in Gong Cha, is combined with applesauce, which allows you to enjoy the texture of the flesh, and cinnamon syrup with a spicy scent is added to the fruit to warm your body. You can enjoy the mellow scent of the hot menu, but there is also an ice menu, which has a refreshing and refreshing taste.

Gong Cha winter menu
From left: Cinnamon apple tea ade hot, ice cream, ice cream with pearls

"Salt caramel milk tea" is a standard product that has been sold only in winter every year since 2016. Black tea-based milk tea with the rich sweetness of salted caramel, a flavorful cup with saltiness, and a mellow and deep taste are suitable for this season. Gong Cha's recommended topping is glass jelly with a soft texture and herbal scent.

Gong Cha winter menu
From left: salted caramel milk tea hot, ice cream, iced glass jelly

Both menus are available in M size only, and the price is 500 yen for cinnamon apple tea ade (excluding tax, the same applies below) and 470 yen for salted caramel milk tea.