Denny's "Demi stewed hamburger steak"

"Denny's stewed hamburger-truffle cream" is on sale from Denny's. The price is 899 yen (excluding tax). The popular "Demi stewed hamburger steak" has evolved more deliciously than ever in the autumn / winter menu!

This year's "Demi stewed hamburger steak" combines a special demiglace sauce developed exclusively for stewed hamburger steak with a richly scented truffle cream for a deeper and richer taste than ever before. The hamburger steak, which is full of plump gravy, has been improved to be more delicious, and the juiciness and sweet scent of meat have been improved. A dish with a hamburger steak, demiglace, truffle cream, and other special ingredients that are in harmony, suitable for the protagonist of autumn and winter.

Denny's "Demi-simmered hamburger steak" where you can enjoy plumply baked hamburger steak full of meat flavor, rich demiglace sauce with sautéed onion, red wine, honey, etc., and truffle cream with rich aroma and richness of fresh cream. ~ Truffle cream ". It is recommended to enjoy it with sake such as wine as well as rice and bread.