Thirty One Ice Cream "Thirty One Original Face Towel"
I want both!

At each Thirty One Ice Cream store, a campaign to present "Thirty One Original Face Towel" will be held from October 1st. Limited time until October 30th. It will end as soon as it runs out.

A system where you can get a stamp card with one store name stamp when you purchase more than 450 yen. If you come to the store the next day or later and purchase 450 yen or more with the stamped stamp card, you will receive one of the two types of "Thirty One Original Face Towel".

The jacquard woven towel, which is a collaboration with the towel maker "UCHINO", which is famous for its high quality, has a pop design and is perfect for everyday use. The size is about 700 mm long x 250 mm wide. There are two designs, "Love Potion Thirty One" and "Popping Shower". Due to the limited number, you may not be able to choose your favorite design.

The second purchase on the same day is not applicable. Valid only at the same store. The stamp card will be distributed until October 29th, and the final day of premium redemption is October 30th.