"SEGA Taiyaki Megadora Pad Yaki" for a limited time

A new menu "Mega Dora Pad Yaki" will be released on September 23 at the Taiyaki restaurant "SEGA no Taiyaki Akihabara" operated by Sega Entertainment. Limited time offer until November 10th. The price is 300 yen (tax included) per piece.

The "Mega Dora Pad Yaki" to be released this time is a Taiyaki designed in the shape of the controller (6 button pad) of the home video game machine "Mega Drive". There are two flavors, "Ogura bean paste" and "Premium cream (with vanilla beans)". The Megadora Mini body is not included.

"SEGA Taiyaki Megadora Pad Yaki", which was unveiled at "Tokyo Game Show 2019" and was well received, is now available for a limited time! It is also recommended to enjoy it together with the separately sold "Sega Logo Yaki". If you like games, why not stop by the store when you go to Akihabara?


■ Sega no Taiyaki Akihabara Store Address: 1-10-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sega Akihabara Building No. 5 1F