Tyrolean chocolate new product "potato apple pie"
Reproduce the potato apple pie of Lapoppo Farm

Tyrolean chocolate's new product "Potato Apple Pie" will be on sale from September 13th.

The price is 39 yen per piece (excluding tax). The flavor of the popular sweet potato apple pie from the sweet potato sweets specialty store "Lapoppo Farm" is reproduced with Tyrolean chocolate.

Lapoppo Farm is a sweet potato sweets specialty store operated by Shirohato Food Industry. Speaking of potato apple pie, it has been a long-selling product for over 30 years and is also a signboard product. It has been improved repeatedly, and it is a sweet that is carefully baked with potato paste such as Anno potato, Shiroyutaka, Kirishima Benikagura, custard added to Fuji apples, and biscuit dough with potato powder added.

The new Tyrolean chocolate product that will be released this time reproduces the complex texture and taste of sweet potatoes and apples from this potato apple pie with a combination of bean paste, semi-dried apples, and biscuit dough.

It is sold at each convenience store "7-ELEVEN", but some stores do not handle it. In addition, sales will end as soon as there are no more products.