Starbucks Sweet Caramel Pudding Latte

From the Starbucks Chilled Cup series, "Starbucks Sweet Caramel Pudding Latte" will be released on September 24th.

A chilled cup drink with a sweet and smooth caramel pudding flavor combined with a latte based on rich coffee. It seems that you can enjoy the rich and luxurious sweets-like taste that is perfect for the arrival of autumn.

The package is designed with Halloween-inspired "ghost" and "pumpkin" illustrations. The golden overcap expresses the sweet and rich taste of caramel pudding as well as the luxuriousness of the contents. A package that makes you realize that "Halloween is coming soon", which makes you feel excited.

Handling at convenience stores nationwide. It comes in a 200ml (6.76us fl oz) cup, and the estimated price is 200 yen (excluding tax).